Discovering Electronic Music - Part 1

This is an educational film from 1983 describing a little bit of the history and tools of electronic music. The best thing about it is that it is behind the times for 1983, and seems more like a 1970s film. Frequently featured is a Moog modular! Also featured is a Fairlight, but as an analog obsessive, I'm less interested in that.
You'll love this film if you love analog synthesizers, electronic music (historic, not electronica), or music geeks. : ) Lots of cool oscilloscope shots, primitive sequencers, etc.
[fonte AutomaticGainsay, utente YouTube]

Production: barr films
Advisor: Gerald Strang, Ph. D, Professor Emeritus, California State University at Long Beach
Directed by Bernard Wilets

[presto online su kdm la seconda e terza parte]

Pubblicato il 18/9/2006 alle 20.56 nella rubrica Musica.

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